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 Discussion on event.

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PostSubject: Discussion on event.   Thu May 31, 2007 3:25 pm

Dear Harakatche!
What do we celebrate? How,Why,and with Whom do we celebrate?
What are the gains and loses in celbrating this event? Can all of us
have one opinion on this basic issues? If no, why do we give individuals bad names and even associate them to a group (political or social)? etc..
Thus follows the discussion:
This celebration is different from the previous events held in Canada and
1) The organizer is not independent. It is a political Institution (Harar
league) currently running the affairs of harar(Gey) and the surrounding
2) The participants are not only Hararis( Gey Ussu) but also other ethnic
3) The event has a connection to a controversial millenium event.
The socio-economic imapct on indviduals and the community could be huge:
1) Families from U.S. and Canada spend an average of 3000-5000 dollars
on fares only. Who benefits from this? Not Harar for sure, or its'
2) The hotel, meal and other expenses would not make drastic changes
for our people. Because these are not capital investments.
3) The gathernig of our people at one place, might give a temporary
personal happinness but doesn't change the demography of Harar
thus impacting the socio economic situation.
As I have mentioned above, if the organizer is a political institution, then it is possible to say that our event is not free of political implications. The
participation of other ethnic groups, is also related to the existing political
situation. But who asked for their particpation? Have we ever been asked
or envited to particpate in their events? Not that I know of. Not in U.S.
or Canada. Even if we would have been asked, we would have said No. why? Because, we always wanted to stay together as a neat community.
Thus, we are creating a cause for disentigration of our people, by inviting others towards us and into our cultural and social affairs.
I stop but will continue.............
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Discussion on event.
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