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July 2007 events
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PostSubject: continuation   Fri Jun 01, 2007 9:14 am

Did the organizing committee (Harar League) consult with Canada and U.S.
federation representatives on the participation of other ethnic groups? No.
Once they were given responsibility of preparing the event, two years ago, they were on their own. Furthermore,they linked the event with the so called millinium festival, which they created. Thus making the event wider, and open for other ethnic groups to participate. If others are included, how can we say it is Harari(Gey Ussu) festival. It is not.

As I've mentioned on my first discussion, families spend 3000-5000 U.S. dollars on fares. 5000 dollars credit, means 100 dollars additional expense
each month for the next five years. This is a huge burden on the family.
I thought we were thinking for us not aginst us. Let us say it is not a burden, if 200 families attend the event, 1,000,000 U.S. dollars would go
in flames. Could we have done more for our community if we invested this
expense? I would leave the answer to all and each of us.

What does Harar gain out of this festival? Not much, except the gathering of her children for a short time. Does the economic situation of our people
change? No. Does education improve? No. Does sewerage,health, water system, etc. develop? No. Would the issues be adressed and discussed?
yes. We have been doing it for so many years for no avail. It will be the same again. Some of us have been talking about investment. Did we ever think wisely how and on what to invest? Do we know what investment means? Do we still think as investment to better off our own economy, rather than the whole community? If an investment doesn't impact the community life it is insignificant. Do we have the capability of improving the lliving conditions of our society? No, because neither do we have the
capital nor the know how. So, why is this event presented as if it brings big changes to our community?
Dear Harakakatche;
Let's take discussion as a tool of expression, improvment, and development. Let's not use it for distruction,abuse, and insult of others. Ideas can be opposed. The discussion I presented is not politically motivated nor based on hatered of individuals. Therefore, my idea can be
negated. I strongly object to the notion of attaching me to any form of group.

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PostSubject: Millions to millenium   Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:53 am

dear negardi
I share all your ideas. Do we need to spend all these?
i heard a news on ETV that there are 10,000 ready places to visitors.
What a joke.

Selamet Ouchena!
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PostSubject: Re: continuation   Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:26 pm


you are too late for this year. come again with different idea and energy for next year but bring it earleir don't wait untill June come OK!!! bye now we are in Harar already
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PostSubject: Re: continuation   Sat Jun 23, 2007 11:34 pm

Furthermore,they linked the event with the so called millinium festival, which they created. Thus making the event wider, and open for other ethnic groups to participate. If others are included, how can we say it is Harari(Gey Ussu) festival. It is not.


What is wrong if other ethnics took a part in this festival? Somalis, Oromos, Afars, Argobas, Siltes and even Harar born Amharas are the segment of the great hararge society. Their ancestors' contribution in the creation of the medieval town of harar was a paramount.We lived together for centuries and as a result each and everyone of today's harari man/woman has a flown blood of the above ethnics in his/her vain.
Wthout their participation, this festival will be a meaningless, believe me.
Come on man- this is about time to get out of tribal box. Let alone to your dear neighbors, but you should have stretched your hand for all peace loving people of the world at this particular joyous moment.

Anyways, we wish them a success and all the best out of it. Alla Megen.
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PostSubject: RESPONSE TO NEGARDI   Sat Jun 30, 2007 1:19 am

Negardi! Can U please ask some one to Translate for you this proverb, if u happen to not speak or understand its context, cause it is in Arabic Language and it does principally applies to your type only! "ALQITAROO YASIROO - WAL KILABOO TANBOOH” a very prominent and wise leader once shot this important advice at those who are unable to weigh in what successive progress meant but loves to burr empty yap. One should learn to appreciate others and to make habit of wishing the best of the doer! CONGRATULATIONS, HARAR..THE LEADERS AND ITS ORGANIZATION..ITS PEOPLE..YOU HAVE MADE A HISTORY…WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! NOW AND EVER…MAY ALLAH BLESS AND PROTECT YOU ALL!!! HARAR IS A NATION – A COUNTRY – WITH BIG HEART! ALLA MAGAN!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: continuation   

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