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 do hararis have enough educated man power?

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PostSubject: do hararis have enough educated man power?   Sun Jul 01, 2007 3:11 pm

offcourse we had some years before.but nowit is unanswered question.i think i am the one who cofidentialy can answer this qustion.we are deprived of educated man power specifically in harar.i come to this conclusion after disscussing with my freinds who are like me in university since the last two months.averagely there are 15 harari students in ethiopian universities.more than half of this figure are from outside harar(adissababa ,diredawa and other places).i know that many of our freinds droped out of high schools from the very begining.the guys in my level are one eiteth of the droped guys.you may say what's wrong with them?!there are many reasons behind.i can mention the prominant one,poor social norms of youngs prevailing in harar.i think it is crucial problems that needs fast response of hararis in all corners of the world. to cure the problem,specially governmental and non governmental organizaions of hararis which are aiming to enhance the capacity and status of harari nation, they should better look deep inside the problem.it should also be one of critical issues to be raised at jully 2007 disccusion forums.we hararis need doctors engineers,lawyers,politicians and so on.unless we have all these it will be a mere wish to get prospired and politically stong harari state.
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PostSubject: Education   Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:25 am

Hi my beloved hareris
iam from Australia and iam currently involved in teaching and training, the company i work with is going Global with education in less than a week, at this stage it is first destination Globaly is in srilanka, and Moldieve island and UAE to follow, as a hararian i would like to extend this to africa and to my luck or should i say to Harar n Ethiopia in general i think it would be a good aportunity, but i need a steping stone, i havent been back home in over 18years, basicaly i spent all my adult life here in australia, so i would like to hear any interest or any lead or important contact i need to make in ethiopia will be great from anyone......i can be contacted on annuaadiyab101@hotmail.com
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do hararis have enough educated man power?
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