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 Beggars and restaurants

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PostSubject: Beggars and restaurants   Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:22 pm

As a visitor to Harar, I have been told by several people that many beggars have been removed from the streets and detained elsewhere. Is this true?

I have eaten at several restaurants, often service is poor and the menus are fiction...a shame they could not get their act together for such an important event.
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PostSubject: Hararvis   Fri Jul 27, 2007 1:17 pm

Hararvis Twisted Evil

Here we go again! “I HAVE BEEN TOLD”…Al-Hamdullilah…at least no one told you that of the Mugging! Shooting! Drug! You are not welcome treatments you have become accustomed at your Diaspora surroundings! by the way, how did you find your parents, relative, friends etc. did you have to disinfect yourself after you meet them and destroy your clothing when you depart? Subhanallah!…Briaq and witness circles are looking for you disparately!Laughing
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PostSubject: Watanis blind replies   Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:59 pm

Dear brothers and sisters;

As I've said previously you have every right to reflect your opinions about
the achievments,(if there are any), set backs, based on your stay in
Harar during the millinium event. These views which evolve from our people should be used as a tool for improvement. Some should be taken
as lessons to be learned. If our mind are set on this manner, then we
can go further ahead. Other wise, we will stand still or go even backwards. Our responses also, should follow the same path. Having said that,

If we observe the response of Watanis to all views in under this forum including the above, one can say it is blinded folded. His main tool is :
a) Character assassination
b) Insult
c) Responses not based on reality
d) Know it all ( An billay man yukal)
e) narrow minded.
f) No respect for Mom and Dad. (wishing me to have blonde parents).
-If you have no respect for my Mom and Dad,(they could be your
closest relatives), which is the core of our religion, your'e
religious quotes are questionable.


Those of us who try to reflect our opinion, be it on writing or speaking we
should do so. Our observation of things varies because we all are not the
same. Watani doesn't seem to understand this basic human nature. Otherwise, He wouldn't have gone beserc and replied to the above
questions, and the discussions the way he did. I ask, Watani, as a brother, to rest his fingers. ( Igighaw samtima tegebel). Because, I am getting ashamed that we allow such a person to keep writing in unethical,
rude, and irresponsible manner. If you're representing a group, you should
be replaced by someone better than you for you're a disgrace to them and
our community.

Assalmu Aleikum
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PostSubject: Re: Beggars and restaurants   Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:59 pm

No One begg you that is amazing!!! what did you do with the money you took to ethiopia since the food is not good you didn't eat and no begger to give some and get reward from Allah. Poor guy!!
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PostSubject: Watani   Fri Jul 27, 2007 10:24 pm


What planet are you on? What have you been chewing?

I asked a reasonable question about the beggars. I have since found out that it is true, many beggars are detained elsewhere, some just 5km outside Harar on the Jijiga road. This to me is shocking and does not give a good impression. Harar can forget any investment in it's city from me.
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PostSubject: Beggars   Fri Jul 27, 2007 11:53 pm

Do not let these juveniles get to you. If you are harari, Allaah created you as harari for a reason. You have responsibility for yourself, family, neighbors, and your people. Try to fulfill your duties only to please Allaah. If you are not harari also, you have been thinking of investment in harar and you have well researched and sound project plan, please do not give up so easily. Help these poor people, do not walk away. The Most High said (wataAAawanoo AAala albirri waalttaqwa)

“Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancor”

As you found out it is not only shocking when you imprison poor defenseless beggars and, mentally handy caped, it is a major oppression. What is their crime? Is it a crime to be poor or to loss ones mind? Allaah is the one who divide his bounty among his creatures for a test.

Please have some patient, Allaah is with those who are patient.

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PostSubject: JINN MAQATOO HEWSI   Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:43 am

Hararvis / Witness / Negardi or the KHILF Khilaf!

The issues you are raising is not a critic nor a point that suggest for some sort of remedy, except it is obvious your choice of timing and the repetition the echo you make makes anyone disgusting as well. As a fellow good Harari our first choice at a minimum should have been First to encourage for the what is right and give a hand and then criticize! Not the other way! You go to school to get an education, you graduate and then you get testament of certificate, diploma or a degree. Here again you don’t gain a degree, diploma or certificates first and latter attend to school. Just am trying to explain to you, as you would probably understand why no one takes your critic sincerely! As for respect, only those who deserve are proven with their past dealings and can’t be demanded out of the blue, you know. You can earn your respect through your actual giving, not by quoting versus from the Quran.


Hello Knit-picker! Could you enlighten us how is that stimulated you from your constant excellent work? How is that now compared to your Dejasmatch / Fetawrari Gash BoGale (I mean your old bosses), Mugging, shooting, drug, prostitutions, rape,discriminations accomplishment compared with your dream of your “MARS” progression. Give us some insight of your good doings where ever you reside, be it MARS, NEPTUNE with the exception of you being unjustifiable critic of others doing.

By the way, how did you find your parent? Extended family? Friends? Etc. did you had to DISNFECT your self after your meet? And also don’t forget to let us know whether you have destroyed your cloths at or before your departure.

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PostSubject: P.S. PLEASE DONOT BE OFFENDED   Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:42 pm

Let me be honest with you. I do not understand you at all or you are misunderstanding the whole issue here. What is all this nonsense has to do with a man asking a simple question about the poor being incarserated? Watani what are you disgusted about? Now I do not want to say, you do not like the poor and mentally handicapped, that will be injustice in my part. So tell us what disgusted you I want to understand.

Is it this paragraph?
Quote :
“I have eaten at several restaurants, often service is poor and the menus are fiction...a shame they could not get their act together for such an important event.”
The man already said he has eaten at several restaurants. He never complained of the food. He pointed out the service and the menus. So what is your problem? Did both of you and advice again read the last paragraph wrong? Do you understand what fiction is? May be the brother should have changed the word to ingenious menu or make it as you go along menu.

You want people not to get offended? Please look at your writing. When a person reads your post on the other side of screen, it really is offensive for a lot of people. So please let us learn form one another, and enough of this time wasting nonsense.

As for me, I do what I do only for the sake of Allaah, not to earn your respect. I’m not in need of your respect. My only need is to seek the pleasure of Allaah. If Allaah accepted my giving and dealing with fellow human being, then my objective is fulfilled. You can call me any thing your heart contented. For me, that is a very expensive gift you can ever give me. I have to thank you for it. There is no worthy gift that I can give you back. Because I need every good deed I can earn to save my self from the hell fire.

Also respect is not earned. As Muslim we have to respect everyone regardless, until they lose that respect.

Qur’an and Hadeeth is reminder for us to hold on to the rope of Allaah and takes us out from darkness in to light. I am not learned and knowledgeable than you. It is just reminder for me and you. The Most High said
Quote :
“Therefore remind (men) in case the reminder profits (them).”87:9
By the way for your analogy, you are right. You go to school to get a degree you do not get degree then go to school. Now let us be fair and think about this. Do you have to pass every exam or because you are a basketball player they will make you pass every class without passin a test. Or just because you are born in to a Muslim family, have a Muslim name or because you say you are a believer, you earn your ticket to paradise? The most High said:
Quote :
“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested.”29:1
I will leave you with this Hadeeth.
Quote :
The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is oppressed." The Prophet was asked: "It is right to help him if he is oppressed, but how should we help him if he is an oppressor?" He replied: "By preventing him from oppressing others."
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PostSubject: Re: Beggars and restaurants   

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Beggars and restaurants
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