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 Detaining the hapless beggars to please the eyes of the fore

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PostSubject: Detaining the hapless beggars to please the eyes of the fore   Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:01 pm

This was originally posted in June on a thread under (Subject: Clarification about some confusions and misunderstandings in)

Quote :
Subject: Detentions of the poor beggars Sun Jun 24, 2007 3:54 pm
forcibly detaining the hapless beggars to please the eyes of the foreign dignitaries

Our President seems to have decided like the old kings in the kingdom of harar to forcibly detain the helpless beggars to please the eyes of the foreign dignitaries and Diaspora during the upcoming celebration of the infidels.

This seems stranger than fictions for you but for those of us who returned to our homeland it is just another day of witnessing tyranny and oppressions on the hands of those who goes over and beyond boundaries.

Are they out to hide poverty from the sight of the foreign dignitaries? one wonders whether the administration is at all aware of the fact that the whole world is already aware of the dire poverty which is eating the entire country. One only has to read UNDP's Human development report

Who speak behalf of the poor?

Where are you so called harari scholars? Why are you so mute? Do not hide behind your pulpit. because Allaah sees what is hidden in the breast.
Fear Allaah and speak out against falsehoods and tyranny.

O people wake up to the true nature of the vicious campaign of deceit and lies that Is being waged against us all to create fear in our society.

I call on all decent people to make it clear to this administration enough is enough!

Almighty God is the only protector and I pray that he protects these innocent poor.

Oh people speak the truth even if it is against yourself. Isn’t that what Allaah telling us in the Qur’an
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PostSubject: "JINN MAQATOO" HEWSI {WITNESS}   Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:05 am

Hello Knit-picker! Could you enlighten us how is that stimulated you from your constant excellent work? How is that now compared to your Dejasmatch / Fetawrari Gash BoGale (I mean your old bosses), Mugging, shooting, drug, prostitutions, rape,discriminations accomplishment compared with your dream of your “MARS” progression. Give us some insight of your good doings where ever you reside, be it MARS, NEPTUNE with the exception of you being unjustifiable critic of others doing.

By the way, how did you find your parent? Extended family? Friends? Etc. did you had to DISNFECT your self after your meet? And also don’t forget to let us know whether you have destroyed your cloths at or before your departure:bball:
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Detaining the hapless beggars to please the eyes of the fore
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