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 My Memories of Harar

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Meftuh S

PostSubject: My Memories of Harar   Thu Feb 08, 2007 1:43 pm

Do you remember this gentleman with no sight and who is Hafizal Quran in the City of Harar?

In my childhood years, every time I visited Harar there was a gentleman who attracted my attention and I used to spend several minutes standing beside him and listen to his reciting Quran. He used to sit in one location some where near “Feres Magala” for many years you can imagine.

In January of 1995 when I visited Harar the first thing I asked my brother was about Sheikh Mohammed Abdulkadir, and I told him that I want to pay a visit wherever he is. My brother was so surprised and asked him how I remember about him. Then I told my brother that I used to enjoy listening to his Quran recitation and used to spend several minutes standing beside him. He immediately looked for one tour guide who knows the town people very well and took me to his home. I was just glad to see him still alive.

His Profile,

I talked to him and told him my story that I used to enjoy listening to his Quran recitation every time I visited Harar and I used to stand beside him for a while. That is why I wanted to visit him and just to see how he was doing after being away from my country over a decade.

His name is Sheikh Mohammed Abdulkadir. When I met him in Jan. of 1995 He was 78 years old. He told me he was too weak to go out there and not feeling well. He told me he has 4 kids. then they were 5, 9, 12 & 16. Today of course 17, 21, 24,& 28.years of age.

Sheikh Mohammed Abdulkadir was reciting Quran in the same spot in Harar for 27 years and 3 years prior elsewhere.

I’ve now doubt all Hararis from Harar know Sheikh Mohammed Abdulkadir. If you don’t you must be from other town. Just refreshing your memories.

I took some photos with him and his wife for my memory collection. Also I’ve visited several historical shrines that I never saw before.

Inshaallah, July 2007, his home is one of my first sites to visit. I hope he is still alive and doing well.

During this tour unexpectedly I bumped in to one of the greatest Harari woman vocalist (SHAMITU), ‘Allah Yarhamha’ in one of Jogol’s alleyways somewhere near “Harat Dably” area (I could be wrong), walking with here friends. Luckily I had my camera and took some shots.

I’ve visited several historical shrines and mosques as well. Soon I will share these photos.

Just to Share my memories of Harar.

Meftuh Shash

Toronto, Canada
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sabri ye

PostSubject: It was really a wounderful memory you had   Mon Apr 30, 2007 6:15 am

Assalamu Alikum Maftuh shash

It was really a wonderful memory you had. I have never thought of this person. I have visited Harar in the year 2006. I have seen so many places, relatives and friends but I have never thought of shik Mohammed Abdulkadir. When I was a child used to stand and hear his recitation of Quran. One thing, which always surprised me was that how he has learned recitation while he has no eye sight?

I would like to thank you that you have recalled my memory, the person whom I have forgotten forever. This is a very good opportunity to have mercy and remember our Muslim brother and sister who have Honor for our nations.
At sum, Please shear with us your photos of Harar shots.


Sabri yestana
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My Memories of Harar
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