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 Discussion on the current Harar Leadership.

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PostSubject: Discussion on the current Harar Leadership.   Mon Oct 15, 2007 12:35 am

I urge everybody to talk about the governing body of Harar, mainly Harar
League. Who are these people? How do they function? What law governs
them? And how do they rise to power? Are they using there power to
benefit the people? What benefits did the people get from this governance? Does the prevailing condition in Harar reflect a good
governance or not? Did the people get what they expected ? In general
Is Harar League currently running its duty In an efficient manner? Does
it tackle problems satisfcatorly? Etc..........

Harar league is a political party that is supposed to represnt the Hararies.
It is supposed to manage the political, social, and economic affairs of its
constituents. In simple words, it is supposed to find ways and means to
improve the living conditions of Hararies. What does Living condition means? It includes schools for children, Hospitals for the sick, employment
opportunities for its pepole, shelter for the needy, food for the hungery,
improvement of roads, sanitation, water and sewerage, etc. Having mentioned this, It is the duty of Harar league under it's varies branches
to analyze each situations, and act upon it. Did Harar league do this?
I doubt it. Because the situation on which our community lives in is the
witness or proof. What is our peopls' income based on? It used be Farmland ? Not anymore give me an answer? What happend to our relatives who used to win their daily bread from agricultural products?
I will tell you, They are staying hungry and living poor. And what happend
to our elders who have Housing and Farmland issues? Some are dead and
the rest are still fighting for their houses and farmlands in courts. What
Did the League do to solve these problems? Nothing.

The Schools and Hospitals that exist in Harar are all built pre-League
times. Eventhough the population of harar grew in so many folds, the
number of Harari graduates decreased. This is mainly because the youth
is not given aducate counselling on the benefit of education. Awarness
programs on the value of education should have been injected in early
ages of schooling. There is another reason Harar League higher officials
mention for the Decline of education. They use that as a defense mechanism for not to answer the issue and address the problem.

Administration and Managment problem prevails in every level of League
offices. This is witnessed by so many people, including Hararies who went
to celebrate Harari Millinium. People were subjected from bureaucratic
functions to an ethical behaviour of higher officials. Cases were seen being solved not in a matter of importace and urgency, but based on
freindship . These kind of practices have been going on for so many years. Evidence is the people who went for the celebration, people of
Harar, former employees who used to work in Harar, and current employees who are silent but if they talk whose jobs will be for grabs.

Sanitation, sewerage, and water problem has been the big issue for a long
time.The problem exists to this day. Is it Leagues' problem? yes, Indeed.
why do people try to shift it towards others? I don't uderstand. What is
the job of a government? One is to provide water to it's people. Is League
doing this? NO.

One can write so many things based on observing the situation in Harar.
What does we conclude from this observation? League is disfunctional.
why? Because lack of good Leadreship.
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PostSubject: Harar league   Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:45 am

Good job, Negardi. Good observation. I hope the bureaucrats read the message.
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Discussion on the current Harar Leadership.
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