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 Proposition to Harar League Leaders.

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PostSubject: Proposition to Harar League Leaders.   Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:00 am

Assalamu Aleikum;

The current Harar League Leaders have the responsibility to explain to
all Hararies what they achieved during there stay in power. This explanation should be supported by evidence. The report should include
the following;
1) Infrastructure;
a-Roads completed in km.
b-Improvement of Drinking Water
c-Sewerage problem.
d-Develpment of Electricty and Power Lines

a- Schools built.
b-Maintaining of existing schools
c- Students at school with Statistical Analysis.
d-Number of students that graduated from different levels.

3) Employment;
a- Number of people employed in government sectors.
(should be supported by Statistical Analysis)
b- Number of people unemployed.
(Again should be supported by Statistical Analsis)
c- Future employment Opprtunity plans.
d- Number of people employed in private sectors.
(If data available)

4) Housing;
a-How many Hararies own their houses.
-statistical analysis showing improvement.
b-How many houses in Gegol are owned by Kebeles.
-How much is collected.
c-Maintaining the rented houses.
d- Projects reflecting housing issues.

5) Health;
a-Improvement of Health condition of Hararies
b-Hospitals and Medication.
- Number of new built Hospitals.
- Expansion or improvement of existing Clinics or Hospitals.
- Improvement on availbility of Medicin.
- Increase in number of Doctors and nurses.
- Improvement in Moratlity rate of the children, sick, and seniors.

a-how many Hectors of Agricultural land is owned by Hararies
b-how many Hararies are farmers.
- what kind of assistsnce is given to them by HNL.
c-Why isn't the existing farm land issue solved?

a- What is the Hraries income based on?
b- What is the Plan to improve The Hraries Income?

a- what are the major investments completed in this adm?
b- How are these investments Allocated?

9) Projects.
a-How are projects allocated?
b-How many major projects were completed accordingly?
c-How do you controle corruption before, during and after these
projects commence?

10) The following is an issue many ask?
-Explanation on unethical behaviour of some of the League leaders,
including Arif, and Elias.
-Explanation of not being at work by many officials in the afternoon.

These are the issues my arguments are based on. One doesn't need
a measuring stick to come to conclusion. If the performanse of the Harar
League Leaders was efficient, the problems wouldn't have been presented
in the above fashion. If there were any improvements, it would have
manifested itself in our Peoples daily life.

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PostSubject: Re: Proposition to Harar League Leaders.   Mon Oct 29, 2007 12:39 pm

I wish I could give answers. I have worked with some of the people mentioned and frankly they are lazy and inefficient. In afternoons they all chew chat and cannot be contacted at all. Friends in Addis Abeba laugh at Harar, to them Harar is a joke.
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Proposition to Harar League Leaders.
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