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 Investment Opportunities

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PostSubject: Investment Opportunities   Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:14 pm

Major Investment Opportunities

Major manufacturing opportunities offering attractive potential Benefits to prospective investors exist in the food and soft Drinks, Leather and electronics, building materials and non-metallic
Mineral and metallic industrial sub-sectors. The investment Opportunities include
Food and softdrinks
Processing and preserving of meat products; Integrated production, processing and preserving of meat products; Products; processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables; integrated Production and processing of dairy products; manufacturing of sugar soft drinks; processing and bottling of mineral water, Etc.

Tannery, leather Good and Articles

Tanning up to finishing; manufacture of luggage items, handbags, saddler And harness items, foot-wear, garment and integrated tanning and leather Goods.
Textile :- spinning, weaving and finishing of textile fabrics and production Of garments.
Glass and ceramics :- table ware and sanitary ware, sheet glass and Manufacturing of containers.
Glass and ceramics :- Table ware and sanitary ware, sheet glass and manufacturing of containers.
Chemicals and chemical products :- manufacture of basic chemicals based on local raw materials, including PVC granules from ethyl alcohol, formaldehydes from methanol, manufacture of caustic soda precipitated calcium carbonate and ball-point ink.
Drugs and chemical products :- manufacturing of pharmaceutical medicinal, chemical and botanical products in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups and ingestible.
Paper and paper products :- pulp from indigenous raw materials, paper and paper products.
Building Materials :- manufacture of corrugated sheets, tubes, pipes and fittings.
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ahmed A

PostSubject: we must invest in Harar   Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:23 pm

we have to pool our resource to our motherland , where we can find the manufacuring tools ?
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Investment Opportunities
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